4 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Jewellery For a Lifetime

A good piece of real jewellery is a piece you treasure forever. While buying jewellery is not just an investment but a classic way to set the hottest of trends, making mistakes while purchasing a real piece of jewellery is something nobody can afford. To make your jewellery buying experience a delight, here’s what you need to consider when buying jewellery.

Always go to a trusted jewellery and ask questions confidently:
We all know that real jewellery can hit sky-high prices, hence always go to your mother, grandmother or aunt’s trusted jeweller. Make sure the jeweller comes with a spotless reputation, is in the business for a long time and has its own permanent store. Always be upfront in asking questions. Do your own groundwork research and understand the difference between concepts like difference between real pearl and synthetic one, how can a diamond be judged by looking at its loop and so on.

Always spot the 5 hallmark signs
There are five hallmark signs for checking on Indian jewellery, especially ethnic jewellery like gold: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) logo, karatage or grade of purity, the jeweller’s identification or logo, year of marking, the hallmarking centre’s mark.


Invest in a timeless ethnic jewellery piece:
Truth be told, while we all like to pile on trendy and super on-trend accessories, investing in a real piece is simply one of the most definite lifetime goals for every woman. A smart fashion girl understands that whether it is bridal jewellery sets or just slaying the game of fashion on casual basis, buying real and authentic jewellery is extremely crucial.

Always, always keep your invoices carefully:
This is especially important when buying real jewellery as the making charges, karatage, and BIS hallmark details are clearly mentioned on it. Keeping a tab on buy-back offers and resale value details is also pivotal for later negotiation.

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