5 Must Have Bracelet Styles For 2018

What would be an easy way to add flair and interest to any outfit of yours? Bracelets? Yes indeed. A fun and versatile accessory, available in a multitude of designs and shapes, a bracelet perks up a classic button-down and a festive attire with equal ease.

To make your job of picking up the right kind of bracelet, we have for you the top 5 trending bracelet styles for 2018.

1. Charm Bracelets

Who doesn’t love the sound of dangling charms and their subtle twinkle? If you too do, then charm bracelets can be your go-to accessory. Play around with the design by going for charms complementing your personality or the occasion.

2. Cuff Bracelets

If you do not want to worry about size or clasps when shopping for wrist accessories, you can simply go for cuff bracelets. An all-metallic cuff makes for a gorgeous accessory to go with an all-white or black outfit.

3. Pearl Bracelets

Nothing beats a dainty set of pearls when it comes to picking up the right accessory to look and feel all elegant. Pearl bracelets are ideal as they grab just the right amount of attention and always look plush and sophisticated.

4. Hand Chains or Haath Phool

Hand Chain Bracelets are all about channelling the Bohemian vibe and are an extremely pretty and quick way to embellish your entire hand. The desi version of the same are the Haath-Phools which have been around for centuries. The flowery version is the current hit accessory for mehendi functions at weddings.

5. Bangle Bracelets

The more the merrier they say! This holds quite true for bracelets coming in pairs. Ideal for pairing up with your ethnic-wear, single bracelets in complementing designs can also be stacked up together to give you the same look with your everyday wear.

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