5 Must Knows For All Day Bra Comfort

It is rightly said that a good bra is one which doesn’t make you feel like you are wearing it. They are pretty much a necessity for most of us. And with so many different options it can drive you nuts.

Whether you are heavy on your chest or have a small bust, there are certain things you must keep in mind. So let us break it down for you.

  1. Don’t be shy or wary

To make sure you are comfortable all day in a bra, you have to wear the right size. Get yourself fitted from professionals to know your right size and only then buy them. Don’t be hesitant. They are there for a reason. So go ahead, make that appointment.

Black Bra


  1. The right bra is a good investment

Good bras don’t come cheap and the cheap ones don’t last. There is no point being reluctant to buy a good but slightly expensive, correct size bra. After all, they are on your body all day. Never wear the same bra two days in a row. They need time to rest.


  1. Different occasion, different bra

There is a reason there are varying options available while bra shopping. Every item of clothing calls for a different bra to be worn underneath. That’s why you have the t-shirt bra, balconette, strapless, push-up and so on.

Types of bra

  1. Choose wisely

If you know you are going to be wearing the same bra for a long duration avoid wearing ones with an underwire, especially at night.  They are the ones which reported maximum discomfort and blood circulation. Opt for a soft cotton one instead.


  1. Keep a check!

Your bra size can change. It may be due to weight gain, weight loss, hormonal changes, menstruation or breast feeding. It may also be that your bra has become loose and worn out overtime and needs to be replaced.

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