Chic Hair Accessories That’ll Make Your Updos Look Classy And Elegant

While the makeup is decided on, the clothes are ironed out and the statement jewelry is kept ready to be worn, a true fashionista would not forget her hair. She is ready and all planned as to how her hair should be done, but will she leave it bare? NO! This is why, we are here to help you choose from a range of stylish and chic hair accessories for women. Please read on and get inspired!

1. Bun clips and cuffs

Style the hair up in a high updo, a low updo, a hanging updo or a messy romantic updo, the bun needs a cuff to hold them all in one place and in style that too. You could bun cuffs on the bun, on the side of it, below or around it, and still would make a statement. They come in a wide range of materials, styles, shapes and designs too.

2. Gorgeous hairbands

If you do not wish to wear an updo, and should you want to keep the hair soft curled, straight, wavy or just loose and long, a gorgeous hairband to wear is a must. It will help keep the hair off the face, and in place. Moreover, they come in many styles, and if you are not wearing statement pieces on the ears and the neck, these blingy hairbands will illuminate the style you would be flaunting.

3. The innocence of
grecian-esque golden barrettes

While bow pins and hair chains were a trend back last year, this year, fashionistas around the world are swearing by the haute touches of grecian-esque golden barrettes. The grecian-esque golden barrettes help keep the hair in place for sure, and especially if your hair is short and shoulder length, for an updo to stay put.

4. Bohemian gypsy touches

You do not necessarily have to be all bling and metallic choosing hair accessories for the various styles on your hair you want to flaunt. Go bohemian and be the boho chic chick the world wants to see, in flora and fauna touches, inspiration from nature and flaunting a gypsy mood.

5. Retro hair jewels

Bringing back the good old pop scene of the 90s, when perms were in fashion and hair jewels too! Yes, you can wear your hair just the way you love it- an updo, a half updo ponytail, a sculpt updo, a tiffany bun or let it loose and wild, bouncy curls and more; hair jewels will grace them all!


We hope you loved these amazing bad ass hair accessories that we showed you, and there are many more where they came from. But first, we would like to know, what did you like from these hair accessories for women?

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