How To Match Kolhapuri Flats With Any Outfit

Kolhapuri flats are comfortable, stylish and help to bring out an ethnic chic look to any outfit.

Here’s a few examples of how to style your flats with any outfit.

The Casual jeans and flats:

Jeans are a girls go to statement for the cool urban look. Try to style them with a pair of ethnic Kolhapuri flats to keep it comfortable yet in vogue. Kolhapuri flats add a uber chic vibe to the casual jeans look and takes it from being predictable to more of a fun street style look.


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The Casual Dress with flats:

Light colors and one toned ethnic outfits are always a easy choice. Pair a monochromatic outfit with bright flats to help lift the outfit and give it a little colour adding an element of fun. This will add a fun element to your outfit and brighten up the otherwise somber attire.


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Western  Dress with flats:
Take a note from a Supermodel and give your western casual dresses a little bit of a ethnic vibe with a Kolhapuri flat. It need not be in the same colour tone. You can opt to choose a brighter colour to lift the outfit and let all the attention be on your cool flats.


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Casual dresses with flats:
Keep the feel of vibrant Indian prints with a western cut and match it with your favorite flats to get the urban ethnic chic look. If you are opting for  a lot of prints on top, keep the flats a one tone colour that matches so as to not overdo it.


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Indian wear with stylisth flats:

Sarees go well with Kolhapuri shoes and give it an elegant look that matches well. If you want a little height, comfortable kolhapuri wedges are the way to go. Metallic toned flats will bring out a festive vibe and match the festive tone that Indian ethnic wear brings.


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