Lusting After Mrs. Kapoor’s Jewelry!!!

We’ve got our eyes popping out of their sockets after seeing Mira & Shahid Kapoor’s pictures in a recent tabloid. The photo shoot seemed to tick all the right boxes and made them look oh so  hot, sexy, ravishing and extremely desirable. 😉

While we may not all be lucky enough to be married to the heart-throb, we definitely are lusting after Mira Rajput’s jewelry. And have tried to bring to you some similar looking items from her photo shoot to add to your collection.


Mira Rajput Poses Solo…


Posing like a Queen on that sofa, Mira Kapoor looks stunning. She is wearing royal jewelry from a collection often known as ‘katha’ (story) collection.



Posing with Hubby Dearest…

Their chemistry is phenomenal!!! The couple who seem to have followed the unconventional method in today’s times, got married first and then fell in love; which might we say is only growing by leaps and bounds with every passing day.



It might have been their first magazine photo shoot together, but Mira seems to be a natural and the camera has captured her beautifully.


While we are still trying to recover from these photos of the King and Queen, why don’t you go ahead and indulge in some online retail therapy.


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