Stunning Eye MakeUp Ideas You Have To Wear To Stand Out!

We don’t want you to be like the rest, because you are different and unique. So why should your eye makeup be the run of the mill kinds this festive season. Glam those lids for the social dos and gatherings, play with contrasts and bold notes, metallic tones and shimmers or simply go all rage and ravishing with the colors of the season. Here are stunning eye makeup ideas that go well with the bridal collection you plan to wear for the events!



Infuse some drama

What is life without a dose of drama now and then? And we are talking about excitement and happiness, not the negative stuff! This festive season, would it not be nice to infuse some drama; a blend of metal and matte? What say? Here are a couple of ideas to stun the audience with.



Place your focus on the lower lashes

While most girls out there would be busy paying most attention to the lids on top and the lashes too, we want you to minimize that and play with the lower lashes for a scintillating seductive tough to come through. Here are a couple of ideas for the reception and the cocktail parties.



Metallic wings

Ditch the plain old brown and black golden winged liners or the cat eyes, and try something new to spruce up the moments this festive season. Use metallic lines for the occasion and sparkle like a star while the party is on. Here are a couple of ideas.


Deep contrasts for the evening

Who does not like to be praised for their bold moves? This is why, when dolling up the eyes for the evening is talked about, try being the contrast most would want to see and get inspired from. Here are a couple of contrasts that can stun the onlookers.



The unconventional smokey lady

Smokey eyes do not necessarily have to be black or brown or grey! There are many shades which can enhance and spruce the mood and the moment around, if you know how to blend well and play your cards right. Here are a couple of ideas, from metallic to mattes and more.



Use your imagination and be creative, you would love what you do and get the accolades too! And the best part is, they match the bridal collection you’d be wearing!

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