Very Pretty Indian Christian Bridal Makeup Ideas For Winter Weddings

What is so great about the country that we live in, is the amalgamation of various sects, beliefs, cultures and religious disciplines. This is why, the big fat Indian wedding isn’t a hindu wedding alone. The concept revolves around the great Indian wedding across all sects and traditional ways- muslims, Zoroastrians, parsees and the Christians too. With that being said, don’t we just love the serenity of Indian Christian weddings? A breakthrough from the typical  bridal collection and a perfect blend from the good old west and the nuances of Indianness in them, makes the Indian Christian wedding a special one. Keeping that in mind, new-age Indian Christian brides these days have a touch of the west and east in their bridal looks too. So if you are getting hitched soon and would like to have a flawless and an outstanding bridal makeup done, we have five very pretty ideas to choose from. Take a look!

1. A Dewy Base With Pink Lips

The Indian Christian bridal makeup is not a loud one. The effects with the base especially is kept subtle and as natural as possible. Without too much shimmer and glitter on the face, the base is kept dewy. Apply foundation closest to the skin tone, and use an orange concealer to camouflage dark spots and blemishes. Blend with a brush and use a pinch of pearl powder with translucent powder to set the base. For the lips, if the bride has thin lips- a glossy pink shade should be used. If the bride has thick lips, matte pink with a touch of white shimmer in the middle should be used.

2.Angular Eyes And A Contoured Nose

The Indian Christian bridal makeup, isn’t a loud one. But the features on the face of the bride need to be enhanced, or else a bridal look wouldn’t come through. Once the foundation is set, the eyes need to be contoured with a light brown shadow on the outer corner of the eyes, and blended into the lids till the mid section. A mix of light brown and black kohl pencils should be stroked on the rim of the upper and lower lash line, and an angular brush should be used to smudge them for a sultry effect to come through. The nose needs contouring too, with the bridge of the nose highlighted with a lighter shade foundation.

3.Natural Eye Makeup So Neutral And Chic

Since the Indian Christian bride would be wearing a white saree or a white gown, her eye makeup for the church blessing has to be low key and subtle, yet elegant. Keeping that in mind, the eyes first should be washed with a shade of matte light brown or peach. The next step would be to contour the outer corner of the eyes with a shade of matte medium brown. For the rest of the eyelid space, one can use colours such light pink, light brown or light peach. Blend the pigments into the eyes well, and in the inner rim of the eyes, dab a little white powder to highlight the eyes. Kohl liner should be light and in black or brown. And false eyelashes should be placed. A sparkling set of pearl jewellery and fresh flowers would look super delicate and refreshing with this look.

4.Natural Blush And Contoured Cheeks

The blush and contouring for the Indian Christian bride shouldn’t be too loud. Remember, she is going to be wearing a white gown, which is why the makeup shouldn’t be too loud. First step after applying the foundation would be to use cream brown contouring shades- just one stroke from the zygomatic bone to the temple. Use a damp sponge to blend the pigment into the skin. The next step would be to apply blush from the apple of the cheeks to the temple, and with a blush brush to blend it in.

5.If She’s A South Indian Christian Bride

A south Indian Christian bride would be wearing a white and gold bordered saree in most cases, if not a wedding gown. To make the bridal makeup look elegant and nice, our focus should be on the subtle shades of gold and pearly white to set the eye makeup with. Lips should be in colors such as peach, pink or light red, and the kohl liner should be in brown. Light contouring and blush is a must, and the eyebrows should be arched well.

We hope you liked these five ideas!

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