Ways To Style Dangle Drop Earrings!

Designer jewellery is having a moment and we all want to keep up with every style that is trending. Long earrings are on everyone’s radar for the very reason.

We all appreciate the pretty sight of those long dainty chains hanging down your earlobes. Don’t we? But let’s accept it, this kind of ear jewellery is often tricky to pull off with casual wardrobe staples and might decide to hide itself with our hair as the curtain.

What to do? Well, you can take the following approaches to style these long earrings with utmost ease!

1. Bun it Up

Easy, breezy and summer-friendly! Tie up your locks in a messy bun or maybe a slick one and watch your earrings take the centre stage by default. Goodbye to the curtain-like situation.

2. Fusion Fixation

Do you feel your Dangle Drop Earrings look way to simple or way to much with your basic-wear? Why don’t wear the traditionally pearly chain drop earrings with something chic and well-tailored like a summer blazer? Think over it.

3. Turtle Talk

If you feel your earrings are still not receiving the attention they deserve and setting up your hair in a bun is not your best option then go for a turtle neck top or dress. A change in the back-drop for them will make them the highlight of your look in no time.

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