Bridal Footwear

Bridal footwear for you to consider incorporate unsettled high foot sole area shoes for a delicate sentimental substance of style and magnificence as they need to be comfortable as well. Another decision is a high stage draw canvassed in a shining precious stone texture, ensured to feature any lovely night or wedding dress. Dark feathered stage shoes would be quite recently the correct touch for the best beneficiary at a splashy honors feast. For extraordinary shading, dazzling silk bridal shoes likewise come in dynamic silver tints, running from profound white to brilliant reds. Another complex decision in designer bridal shoes is The Dress Bootie. From transparent work with rhinestones to sparkled uppers, these are booties that catch the embodiment of fabulousness and magnificence superbly by women.
What's more, recollect, the correct bridal footwear will dependably feature and increase an exquisite outfit, so make sure to examine the magnificent decisions of lovely footwear accessible. From blossomed pumps to perfect T ties, there is an extraordinary scope of night and marriage shoes for ladies. Additionally, keep in mind to take a gander at choices in exquisite grip lace, and wonderful adornments, for accomplices to mix with and feature any charm or night furnish.

Fashion and elegance

For Elegance and High Fashion, nothing is as extraordinary a touch as the determination of fancy fitting and marvelous Indian bridal shoes, so when you're prepared to finish an immaculate outfit, settle on beyond any doubt that your shoe decision is similarly as dazzling. Make certain to look for up-to-date evening wedding footwear at Jivaana's and bear in mind to look at the most blazing shoe patterns of the season when you buy bridal shoes online for the new bride and bridesmaid.

Style check

We ensure that you have everything that is in trend. is one-stop destination for festive as well as wedding shopping. We have everything from Indian bridal jewellery and wedding rings for women all exquisitely crafted to suit your needs

International Shipping Options

Jivaana ships worldwide with a minimal shipping cost of $10 to any city in the United States (USA) and $19 to any other country including Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa and many other locations.  Duties are the responsibility of the customer and are based on the order value as well as the location.  Do not hesitate to mail us to find out more about the likely duties for your country.