A very popular piece of Jewellery, popularised by the likes of Mikimoto, Audrey Hepburn etc, a necklace is an article of jewellery which is worn around the neck. Necklaces for women are frequently formed from a metal jewellery chain. If a necklace includes a primary hanging feature, it is called a pendant; if the pendant is itself a small container, it is called a locket. On Jivaana.com you can find many types of latest necklace designs- made from many metals, cloth, wood and both traditional or modern. Designers like TAD Accessories, Joolry, Isharya, Ruby Raang are amongst our top Necklace designers. Whether you like the more traditional style Kundan and Polki necklace or prefer the modern ones from Isharya, there is something for everyone on Jivaana.com.

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Women's necklaces are often classified by length.

Choker Necklace -Choker is a short necklace 35 centimetres (14 in) to 41 centimetres (16 in) long and sits high on the neck. Nowadays it is one of the most popular styles. Indian brides usually sport a kundan/polki choker at their wedding and Jivaana.com has many many options made from semi-precious stones.

Princess necklace - A princess necklace is 45 centimetres (18 in) to 50 centimetres (20 in) long, longer than a choker, but shorter than a matinee. A Matinee necklace is 56 centimetres (22 in) to 58 centimetres (23 in) long — typically a single strand that rests at the top of the cleavage. An Opera necklace is 75 centimetres (30 in) to 90 centimetres (35 in) long and sits at the breastbone. Popularised by women attending the Opera, usually in pearl.

Rope necklace - A Rope necklace is a long necklace, longer than opera length. A Lariat necklace is a very, very long variation on the rope, without a clasp, often worn draped multiple times around the neck; the ends can be crossed over, looped, or knotted in various ways. Again, a popular style to be made from pearls.

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Apart from lengths, necklaces can be identified by the material. Most popular are gold necklaces for women.

Polki and Kundan Necklace - Traditional Indian stones and unpolished diamonds are used along with meenakari to make necklaces of various lengths. Usually worn by the female members of the bridal party.

Diamond Necklace - A diamond necklace is a necklace that incorporates diamonds. These are often given as gifts and there are a variety of diamond necklaces available to the average consumer including the diamond eternity necklace, the diamond 'V' necklace, the diamond 'Y' necklace and the diamonds by the yard necklace.

Pearl necklace - Pearl necklaces are popular among women. There are two specific named kinds of pearl necklaces — a uniform pearl necklace consists of pearls that appear to be all the same size, although normally there is a slight difference towards the ends so they appear to be in proportion. A bib necklace is made of multiple strands of stepped pearls. Many other variations also exist.

Rivière Necklace- A rivière necklace is a style of necklace featuring a single strand of gemstones of the same general size and cut. For example - an emerald necklace, often worn by a groom. Check out our latest designer jewellery collection online.

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