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Designer shawls

A shawl is a simple item of clothing that is loosely worn over the shoulders and upper body and arms. It is sometimes also worn over the head by both men and women. A shawl is a rectangular piece of cloth that is often folded and made triangular in shape. It is used to keep one warm and also to complement a costume. There are some who wear it for symbolic reasons. Today, shawls are worn for fashion as well as for that added warmth whether you are attending an indoor or an outdoor evening affair. We have designer shawls available at our online store. These shawls are for a lot of occasions and can be worn throughout the year. Our collection has a lot of color in stock such as black, blue, pink, red and white.

Types of shawls

The shawls that are made in Kashmir occupy a pre-eminent place among all other products. The Kashmir shawl is characterized by the elaborate design it has as well the cone pattern it features. In fact, that is one of the prominent feature of the shawl. These shawls are very fine and are soft and are flossy under wool, these shawls are called as pashmina. There are several varieties of pashmina shawl and the finest ones come from Kashmir.
There are various types of shawls such as loom woven shawls. These are sometimes woven in one piece but more often in small segment which are sewn together with a lot of precision and the sewing is really impeccable. There is even embroidered shawl in which over a ground of plain pashmina is worked by a needle a minute and elaborate pattern. These types of shawls include wool shawls, designer shawls, pashmina shawls, cashmere shawls, silk pashmina shawls, silk shawls, embroidery shawls, viscose shawls, paisley shawls, jacquard shawls and printed shawls.


A stole is without doubt a simple yet the most favored accessory. We think of European women wearing them with a lot of panache but actually a stole or a scarf is something that is worn across the globe. It is like that amazing thing such as a colourful stole with a black outfit. Buy designer stole from Jivaana.com and let your neck do the talking for you.

Buy designer shawls online

Jivaana’s online collection is one of its kind. We take pride in announcing that we have the best shawls,scarves, stole, cape and accessories as well as designer dupatta online and trousers for women. We have climbed up the ladder all because of our quality as well as our dedication.

International Shipping Options

Jivaana ships worldwide with a minimal shipping cost of $10 to any city in the United States (USA) and $19 to any other country including Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa and many other locations.  Duties are the responsibility of the customer and are based on the order value as well as the location.  Do not hesitate to mail us to find out more about the likely duties for your country.