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Here is your chance to know our JJ’s a little better.
We are addressing most common questions & concerns related to our printed signature juttis for you.


  1. Why JJ’s?

    Well, aren’t they too pretty to resist? Also, we bet you’ll never find these exclusive designs anywhere else. Here are some quick facts about our JJ’s:

    • MADE WITH LOVE: Each pair is handmade by our highly skilled karigars
    • QUICK AS A WINK: Think fast fashion for no style lasts more than 10-15 days
    • NOW OR NEVER: Only 5% of the styles are reordered so you might not see most of the JJ’s again
    • MORE IS LESS: We do bring 20 new designs every month so it’s worth coming back to discover some fresh favourites
    • MISS IT NOT: The attractive price point and versatility of design makes them the go-to shoe style of the season
  2. How to be sure of my size?

    Stick to the size guide is what we recommend.

    Make sure you measure your foot correctly by drawing the outline of it on a piece of paper and measuring the distance between your big toe and your heel in cms.

    PRO TIP: Jutti experts know they do expand a bit in case of a snug fit by taking the shape of your foot with time. Do keep that in mind.

  3. What if the juttis are a bit tight or a bit loose?

    It’s important to remember that finding the right size in case of a jutti needs some thought. Each pair of JJ’s has multiple karigars working on it to create the most perfect pair of juttis for you.

    FUN FACT: The final fitting of the juttis comes down to the strength of the pull on the thread used to tie the whole pair together. The sole size remains the same.

    To address any fit or size related issues due to the handmade construction of the juttis, we make our JJ’s go through an extensive size check to filter out any faulty designs. About 10 women with varied feet size & shape try them on as a part of our size and fit test.

    In case your JJ’s are a bit tight, don’t fret. Pull on some socks and wear the juttis, allowing them to expand. If they are a bit loose you can think of getting an insole for a quick fix. They are easily available at local shoe stores and even online and do the job.

  4. I ordered more than one pair of JJ’s and both of them fit differently, why is it so?

    Don’t be bewildered by it. All our JJ’s are not made by the same set of karigars and the same piece of leather. Each piece of the puzzle is made by a specialist. Encountering slight variations in some of the pairs is at times possible.
    PRO TIP: As suggested, keep a pair of socks & insoles handy. For just like no two fingerprints are the same, no two footprints are the same either.

  5. What if the JJ’s I liked are now out of stock?

    We don’t mind calling ourselves the go-to fast fashion label for juttis. Our JJ’s are limited edition and sell out real fast and hence you might find your size or your favorite design vanishing from our catalogue real soon. How about being just a bit swift with your selection & order next time?

  6. What is the return & exchange policy for JJ’s?

    When up on a huge sale, we are unable to accommodate return request unless the pair is defective. We do accept exchange requests in case of size/fit issues.
    We stand by our quality and should you find a defect, please get in touch via WhatsApp at +918197040506 so we can take care of the issue.
    In case of size related issues, we take a nominal shipping charge of Rs. 200 to process your exchange request.
    The money is simply to pay for your wrong sized jutti to reach us and then for us to send us a new one.

    FUN FACT: Imagine during an exchange your juttis have made 3 trips back and forth between us.

  7. What if my juttis get dirty?

    Believe it our not, your JJ’s are washable. We send out a detailed cleaning instruction notecard with all our pairs to help you keep our juttis tidy and shiny.

  8. How fast can you ship my juttis?

    Our team works hard to make sure that most of the juttis are dispatched within 48 hours of the date the order is placed. You can expect a call from one of our executives on the day your JJ’s are shipped to inform you of the expected delivery date (which is usually within 2-3 days after dispatch date).

  9. Why are the price of JJ’s lower than any other designer jutti?

    We want every person to own a pair of JJ’s – in fact as many JJ’s as can go with any & every outfit one owns. Which one are you picking today?

Happy Shopping
Team Jivaana