Your collection of jewellery for western wear is incomplete without a bunch of rings. It is the ideal accessory designed to complement your everyday look. Jivaana has an amazing collection of rings for women online. Made in India by best designer labels, each ring shines bright with uniqueness and class.

Talking of latest ring designs that match well with the western style earrings, Jivaana is where you can find several options to create your desired look. You can shop for designers like Aditi Bhatt, The Bohemian, Bayleaf Accessories, Akihi and so many boutique labels housing the most eccentric ring styles of all.

Understanding even the most common ring designs can be tricky. Engagement rings for women have made this even more difficult as a lot of time goes in choosing the perfect ring. There are various cuts, shapes, band styles and what not. Shopping for fashion rings in comparison can be made a tad bit simpler by updating yourself with the different kind of rings available.

Cocktail Ring

Cocktail ring is known to be one of the most fancy rings for ladies. Designed to attract attention, this kind of ring is larger in size than other normal rings. Dramatic as it sounds, cocktail ring is usually worn on any finger other than the ring finger. It usually has several stones which lend a three-dimensional structure to the ring. It is usually worn at cocktail parties or other similar occasions.

Adjustable Ring

Favorite ring style among women who are not sure of their size and are happy about the same, adjustable rings are indeed a preferred choice nowadays. You can wear them in any of your fingers and adjust the size accordingly. Open-ended rings can also be subcategorized under adjustable rings as it can also be resized or worn on whichever finger it fits. If the ring is still too small, then you always have the option of wearing it as a midi ring.

Other kinds of designer ring for ladies include engraved rings, gemstone rings, minimalistic rings, pearl ring and elongated rings.

What's more?

Well picking up all that is big this season is even more of a cakewalk with With all these trend-focused designs to choose from, it has never been this simple to look your fashionable best. There is worldwide shipping with easy exchange and return policies to take advantage of. One can also go for Cash On Delivery (COD) and a hassle-free doorstep delivery.

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International Shipping Options

Jivaana ships worldwide with a minimal shipping cost of $10 to any city in the United States (USA) and $19 to any other country including Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa and many other locations. Duties are the responsibility of the customer and are based on the order value as well as the location. Do not hesitate to mail us to find out more about the likely duties for your country.